Big Sur, California

When you get an email from American Airlines saying that you have 48 hours to use your frequent flier miles or they will expire, you don’t hesitate – just BOOK! I completely forgot that I had these miles saved up (from my very first credit card in college), and thank goodness for that email otherwise I … More Big Sur, California

All Things #SmithsInLove

Remember this stellar couple that had the most perfect engagement photo? Me too…LOVE THEM! The summer of 2014 seemed to take forever in anticipation of the #smithsinlove wedding (or as it became known to my family: Wedding of the Century, part 3). But their wedding season finally arrived and kicked off in late September with … More All Things #SmithsInLove

Washington, D.C.

Phil’s brother and sister-in-law were married in Maryland in May, 2012, and as a married couple they settled in to life in the northeast. Whenever they came in to town for holidays and family get-togethers, they would tell us that we needed to come visit and tour D.C. with them. We decided last year, along with … More Washington, D.C.

Landscaping Pros

Phil and I have been living in our home for a little over a year now, and we finally made our first real update to the house! Ever since we moved in, the area in our front yard and the two sad little bushes that were planted there have been the bane of my existence. … More Landscaping Pros