Big Sur, California

When you get an email from American Airlines saying that you have 48 hours to use your frequent flier miles or they will expire, you don’t hesitate – just BOOK! I completely forgot that I had these miles saved up (from my very first credit card in college), and thank goodness for that email otherwise I … More Big Sur, California

All Things #SmithsInLove

Remember this stellar couple that had the most perfect engagement photo? Me too…LOVE THEM! The summer of 2014 seemed to take forever in anticipation of the #smithsinlove wedding (or as it became known to my family: Wedding of the Century, part 3). But their wedding season finally arrived and kicked off in late September with … More All Things #SmithsInLove

Washington, D.C.

Phil’s brother and sister-in-law were married in Maryland in May, 2012, and as a married couple they settled in to life in the northeast. Whenever they came in to town for holidays and family get-togethers, they would tell us that we needed to come visit and tour D.C. with them. We decided last year, along with … More Washington, D.C.