FOCO, Colorado

Every year, my best friend and cousin Alexa and I try to set aside at least one or two weekends a year for me to come and spend the weekend with her in Fort Collins, Colorado. When we originally scheduled this year’s trip last fall, we had no idea that it would end up falling on a perfect, perfect weekend!

A few months after booking my flight, I got a call from Alexa saying her and Drew got engaged!! What a perfect proposal picture – am I right?? I love these two crazy kids, and I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate them tying the knot!

My Aunt Vicki (Alexa’s mom) soon began planning Alexa and Drew’s engagement party in FOCO, and the date they settled on for the party landed on the weekend that I had my annual trip planned! I was SO HAPPY that I would be in town for this event to kick off the celebrations for Alexa and Drew with family and their Colorado friends!

In early April, the time finally arrived for me to jet set to the mountains! I arrived EARLY Thursday morning and Alexa was gracious enough to pick me up from the airport and immediately get some food and a mimosa in me (she knows me well). We made a much-needed stop in Snooze, this incredible breakfast restaurant in downtown Denver! Besides The Chef in Manhattan, Kansas, this might be one of my favorite breakfast spots. After driving through some heavy snow and ice from the airport, a warm breakfast and some quality cousin time to chat and catch up was much-needed.
10177370_10152397106868817_6750235822314191923_n snooze
After breakfast, we headed to my cousin Erica’s house to visit with her and her husband Clint, and their kids Ella and Clayton (my second cousins). I absolutely adore this family and time with them is so precious!

Selfies with Princess Ella 🙂
photo 5
What put the cherry on top of an already amazingly planned weekend was that Erica went in to labor with baby #3 while we were there visiting with them! She and Clint headed to the hospital that afternoon while we stayed with the kids. Not much longer after they left, we received a call from Erica asking us to come to the hospital to meet the new baby!!

Nora Evelyn Musgrove was born on April 4, 2014 and I am beyond elated that I was able to be there to welcome her to her amazing family! She’s so gorgeous and I just wanted to snuggle her ALL DAY.

While chatting with the family and snuggling with the beautiful Nora in the hospital, Clint and Erica asked me to be Nora’s godmother. I cannot begin to describe how incredibly grateful and blessed I am that they asked me to fulfill this role in Nora’s life! What an amazing honor!!

The next day brought forth another exciting event – shopping for Alexa’s wedding dress! Since Erica was still in the hospital with baby Nora, my Aunt Vicki, Ella and I went with Alexa to Dora Grace Bridal in Fort Collins. They had the most amazing selection of wedding dresses, and of course everything looked amazing on my gorgeous cousin! She ended up finding her wedding gown that day and some tears of happiness were shed by all of us. I absolutely cannot wait to see her in it again on her and Drew’s wedding day!

After making a few more wedding errand stops, we went back to get ready and then headed out that evening to Alexa and Drew’s engagement party! My Aunt Vicki and Uncle Daryl had some great barbecue catered in and of course with my Aunt Vicki’s creative eye, the decor was adorable.
photo 3
 Me with the gorgeous bride!

I was also incredibly excited to receive these special (and extremely cute) gifts that Alexa created…I am so thrilled that I get to be a part of Alexa and Drew’s special day!

After an unforgettable weekend in Fort Collins, I returned to Kansas City for a few short weeks before making my way back to Colorado for another exciting trip! In early May, Erica planned Ella and Clayton’s birthday party along with Nora’s baptism.

Shortly after I arrived, Ella and Clayton’s party began and it was such a fun afternoon seeing these two interact with all of their friends!


Later that evening, Alexa and Drew took us all out to see a Colorado Rockies game in downtown Denver – another MLB stadium to cross off the list! We had a great time watching a Rockies victory and going out in downtown Denver.

The next day we all headed to the church and attended mass as a family in celebration of Nora’s baptism. It was a beautiful ceremony and one that I will always remember and cherish.

Nora is such a beautiful girl and I feel so blessed to have an amazing god-daughter and family!



One thought on “FOCO, Colorado

  1. Love reading all about your trip(s) to Fort Collins and the wonderful events you were a part of, Rachel! Just sorry Phil wasn’t able to be with yu to celebrate!

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