Nothing Better Than a Kansas City Fall

I know without a shred of doubt that if we were to ever move away from the Midwest, I would miss the change in seasons desperately. Even though as I sit here writing this entry, and I’m wearing approximately three different layers INDOORS, I still wouldn’t give up the chance to have beautiful Kansas City falls and springs for anything!


This fall was an exceptional one, kicked off by Phil and I celebrating our First Wedding Anniversary on October 12, 2014!
But what made it even better was that our own Kansas City Royals made it to the playoffs for the first time since 1985!! I have never seen the city so buzzed with excitement and pride, and it was an especially great time to be a Kansas Citian!


The Royals began their post-season by defeating the Oakland Athletics in the Wild Card Game, then moved on to sweeping both the Los Angeles Angels in the ALDS and the Baltimore Orioles in the ALCS, becoming the first team in Major League history to win their first 8 post-season games in a row!

The Royals moved on to the final World Series match-up against the San Francisco Giants. We were lucky enough to score tickets to Game #2, played at home in Kauffman Stadium! It was such an incredible experience, and especially memorable since the Royals clinched a win!
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Sadly, the Royals ended up losing in a heart-wrenching game #7 to San Francisco, but the season was an incredible one and it helped highlight Kansas City in so many positive ways!

This fall also brought forth some great memories with our friends, like running a leg of the KC Marathon Relay with my dear friend Julie…

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…meeting our friends Rachel and Wes’ amazingly adorable son, Cooper (I LOVE HIM!!)…


…and of course some great times in Manhattan cheering on the K-State football and basketball teams!

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Now, if it were up to me, I would start putting up Christmas decorations immediately after Halloween (and yes, I start listening to Michael Buble Christmas in October…judge away). However, Phil has enforced a dark, strict cloud of “No Christmas Decorations Before Thanksgiving” (wah, wah). So as you can imagine, the second Thanksgiving is over, I bust out the decorations and start whipping up cookies so fast.

2014-12-01 22.44.19 2014-12-05 18.24.22

We also made our first annual Christmas cards this year to send out to our family and friends. Our friend Ashley took the photos for us, and she did a fantastic job!


Christmastime in Kansas City is always such a magical time, and one of my favorite parts is my family’s annual tradition of going to see The Nutcracker Ballet at the Kauffman Center.


It is the most beautiful building, and even though I’ve seen the Nutcracker approximately 22 times (not kidding…I’ve gone every year with my mom since I was 4), it’s a wonderful experience every time!

My brother, mom and I during intermission
My brother, mom and I during intermission

This year was even more enjoyable because one of my best friends, Carrie was visiting Kansas City for the holidays, and she went to the ballet with her family on the same evening!


Christmastime this year also provided us with so many great times with both of our families, including being constantly entertained by all of my cousin’s kids who are hilarious and adorable!


For New Year’s Eve 2014, our good group of friends decided that a huge downtown party with hundreds of people wasn’t what we were looking for, yet neither was a small house party. We decided to ring in 2015 by creating our own NYE party, and it turned out to be such a success!

One of our friends found the perfect venue on the plaza, and had people sign up for food, music, beverage and decoration committees. We all contributed to the evening, and it made New Year’s Eve such a great event!

0332014-12-31 23.49.382014-12-31 22.37.162014-12-31 22.07.352014-12-31 22.07.180340322015-01-03 12.36.23

2015 has already proved to be an amazing year, and we are excited to see what else this year has in store for us!


One thought on “Nothing Better Than a Kansas City Fall

  1. Love your commentary about Fall, Rachel!!! (one comment on the purple lace dress….Grampy would ask you, “where’s the rest of your dress???” 🙂

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