The Land of Microbrews

Phil and I decided to take a long weekend trip this summer to visit our friends Matt and Jill in their new home in Denver! The four of us have been close since our college days, so every time we get together with them we always have such a blast!

Matt and Jill got engaged earlier this year, and we wanted to go visit them before they tie the knot this fall! Gorgeous couple, right??


We started off the weekend by actually heading a little ways north of Matt and Jill’s to visit my cousin Erica and her husband Clint, plus their three kids. We love this family so much and every time we have the opportunity to visit them, we take advantage of it!

Erica and Clint live in this gorgeous neighborhood, with yards that back up to the most spectacular open view of the mountains! This was the view from when I visited them earlier in the year, and I was running on the trails along the back of their neighborhood!
After relaxing for a bit and playing games with the kids, we decided to pack everyone up and visit a nearby brewery (brewery #1 of the trip), Wonderland Brewing Co.
maxresdefault2015-07-11 11.53.15
Microbreweries to Colorado = Farmland to Kansas.

It’s insane how many there are, and how quickly they pop up! This brewery (along with several that we visited over the weekend), happened to be really family-friendly with arcade games, ping pong and shuffleboard tables, yard games, plus tons of indoor and outdoor patio seating areas. It was such a great space, and we had a blast visiting over delicious beer and teaching the kids how to play ping pong!
2015-06-04 16.19.162015-07-11 11.53.25

The next day we woke up early with Matt and Jill and took a mini road trip up to Silverthorne, CO, specifically to the Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks. This year the boys decided to have a golf tournament between the two of them where they would play a round at 4 different locations (because apparently there needed to be more competition in their lives). One of their “practice rounds” just happened to be at this gorgeous course literally IN the mountains, so of course, Jill and I decided to join them.

While the guys went out and played the front 9 holes, Jill and I stayed back and sipped on mimosas and had lunch in the club house…

2015-07-11 11.53.35
…THAT VIEW THOUGH! It was a seriously stunning location and it was great just to relax and catch up with Jill! After we had our fill of the club house, we were graciously offered a cart for free to drive and meet up with the guys.

2015-07-11 11.54.02

The views were simply incredible, so it was a blast just driving through the course and taking in the Colorado landscape!
2015-07-11 12.06.15 2015-07-11 11.53.46

Soon enough we caught up with Matt and Phil, and it was a great time watching them play the back 9 and just drive around the course. There’s no pressure when you’re the permanent cart driver!

2015-06-05 12.54.23 2015-07-11 12.05.51 2015-07-11 12.05.53

We had a great day up in the mountains with them! 
2015-07-11 12.05.572015-06-14 12.04.13

On the way back in to Denver, Mat and Jill wanted to stop in to one of their favorite breweries (brewery #2), Farmhouse at Breckenridge Brewery, which turned out to be really new to the scene. The building was new but was built with the rustic/country feel of an old farmhouse!

2015-07-11 11.54.13

We had an amazing meal, along with one of the BEST beers I have ever had. I wish I could remember the name (and believe me, I’ve trolled their website for a while trying to find it), but it was one of their brews that was aged in a Cabernet barrel, so you could taste both the beer and a slight taste of wine….DELISH!

On our last day in Colorado, we went on a full day of brewery touring! Colorado is in the top five locations in the U.S. that has the most craft beer breweries per capita (6.1), and I can definitely believe it. They were in strip malls, stand alone buildings, old buildings renovated in to breweries, and on and on. It was amazing how at almost every turn there was a new one, like Starbucks in Seattle.

The first stop on the tour (brewery #3) was Cooper Kettle Brewery, and it was the perfect Colorado summer weather to enjoy some brews out on their patio!
2015-06-06 15.35.37

Stop #2 (brewery #4 of the weekend) was to Dry Dock Brewing Co, and we especially love this brewery because they had a popcorn machine 🙂 GENIUS.

Our last stop of the day was to Two22 Brew, which was an awesome place, not only because the beer flight we got was AMAZING, but also because $2.22 of every $10 of profit goes directly to Colorado non-profits. Such an awesome place!  222

We love Matt and Jill, and we always have the best time when we are together! Can’t wait to celebrate their wedding in Colorado this fall!2015-07-11 11.56.58


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